Newark Associations & Clubs

Old Newark


If you can identify any of these men please contact R. Craig Kammerer at

Bottom row--ground
??----Art ?----Judge Horace Belfato --Dr. Sy Preston--Frank Renner(Renner's Hardware)--- Bob Cole

First row seated--L to R
??- Art Tellone [Liquor]--Richard Kammerer [Cross Radio]--- Herb Dwyer -- Jules Geroni -- Marty Rafferty --??-- Art Pulis

Next Row back---standing
??---??---Val Sturchio [BBall cap]---rest unknown

Next row back
??---Norm Shawger [butcher, face hidden]--rest unknown

Way back with boy----Joe Zubris

1948rosevillelions.jpg rosevillelions02.jpg rosevillelions03.jpg rosevillelions04.jpg