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Indian Trails702 views
16661280 viewsFrom "Harper's New Monthly Magazine"
Samuel H. Conger's 1666 Town Lots1646 viewsSouth West Section (Upper Left Quadrant)
Lot 1. The Meeting-House
Captain Treat's Extra
Left of Lot 1. John Johnson
Right of Lot 9. The Parsonage Home Lot
Lot 9. John Browne, Sr.
Lot 41. Stephen Bond
Lot 27. Zachariah Burwell
Lot 24. Ephraim Burwell
Left of Lot 24. Thomas Ludington
Lot 14. John Brooks
Lot 23. Thomas Lyon
Above Lot 14. Joseph Johnson
Above, Right of Lot 14. John Treat
Above Lot 24. John Gregory (12)
Lot 8. Henry Lyon
Lot 29. Walter's second division
Below Lot 29. Joseph Walters
Lot 16. Francis Linle (or Lindsley)
Lot 30. Robert Dalglish (or Douglas)
Below Lot 30. Samuel Camfield
Above Lot 3. Matthew Williams

North West Section (Upper Right Quadrant)
Lot 5. Lieutenant Samuel Swaine
Lot 12. Sergeant Richard Harrison
Lot 15. Edward Ball
Lot 32. John Morris, in 1688
Lot 14. John Ward Sr.
Lot 3. Matthew Camfield
Lot 2. Abraham Pierson Jr.
Lot 1. Jasper Crane
Lot 9. Thomas Pierson, Sr.
Right of Lot 9. Benjamin Baldwin
Lot 18. Thomas Huntington
Right of Lot 19. Alexander Munrow
Lot F. The Elder's Lot
Lot 10. John Ward Jr. the turner
Lot 21. Deacon Richard Laurence
Lot 19. Delivered Crane
Lot 31. Hans Albers
Lot 8. Samuel Rose
Lot G. The Miller's Lot
Above Lot 8. Samuel Dod
Above Lots 19,31. Daniel Dod
Right of Lot G. The Corn Mill

South East Section (Lower Left Quadrant)
(Plus Diagonal Row/Upper Left Quadrant)
Lot 1. Captain Robert Treat
Lot 2. Abraham Pierson
Lot 25. Robert Denison
Lot 22. Thomas Johnson
Lot 21. George Day
Lot 26. Nathaniel Wheeler
Lot 40. Joseph Riggs
Lot 28. William Camp
Lot 35. Martin Tichenor
Lot 7. Stephen Freeman
Lot 23. John Curtis
Lot 18. John Baldwin
Left of Lot 18. Thomas Staples
Lot 19. John Baldwin Jr.
Lot 6. Deacon Michael Tompkins
Lot 20. Jonathan Tomkins
Lot 34. Ephraim Pennington
Left of Lot 34. Seth Tomkins
Lot 39. The Tailor's Lot
Lot 9. Thomas Pierson Jr.
Right/Below Lot 36. Samuel Harrison
Lot 36. John Browne Jr.
Lot 12. Edward Riggs
Lot 33. Hugh Roberts

North East Section (Lower Right Quadrant)
Lot 4 (open face). Deacon Lawrence Ward
Lot 11. John Catlin
Lot 4 (closed face). Samuel Kitchell
Lot 7. Josiah Ward
Lot 10. John Rogers
Lot 13. Robert Kitchell
Lot 5. Jeremiah Pecke
Lot 2. Obadiah Bruen
Right of Lots 10,2. The Seaman's Lot
Left/Below Lot 16. Thomas Richards
Lot 16. John Harrison
Lot 20. Aaron Blatchly
Lot 11. Stephen Davis
Lot 6. Samuel Plum
Lot 17. John Crane
Lot 37. The Boatman's Lot
Lot 15. Robert Lymon
Right of Lot 15. John Davis
16661588 viewsStreets and Areas as Known Today
1. High Street
2. Washington Street
3. Broad Street
4. Mulberry Street
5. McCarter Highway
6. Spruce Street
7. 15th Avenue (?)
8. Market Street
9. Central Avenue (?)
10. Orange Street
11. Clinton Avenue
12. Court Street (?)
13. Tichenor Street
14. Walnut Street
15. Centre Street
16. South Street (?)
17. Mulberry Place (?)

A. Lincoln Park
B. Military Park
C. Washington Park
D. County Court House
E. The Four Corners
F. Penn. Station
G. Ironbound or Down Neck Section
H. City Hall
J. Star Ledger
1764 Ball Map of the Newark Mountain Purchase Claim1078 viewsMap from William Johnson
1776869 viewsSamuel H. Congar map
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