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Park Athletic AssociationLincoln & Arlington Avenues
2 3
Passaic Boat ClubOld River Road
2 2
Polish National Home46 Beacon Street
2 2
Progress Club11 West Park
3 8
Reinhard's BandMolter's Hotel (Headquarters)
1 1
Roseville Athletic Club
4 7
Roseville Lion's Club
1 4
Roseville Riding Academy116 Roseville Avenue
1 1
Roseville YMCA
1 2
Salvation Army
2 3
Schmelz Pinochle ClubMay 10, 1903
1 1
Schoolmen's Club
1 2
South Side Gun ClubAlpine Street c. NJRR Avenue
1 1

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660 viewsBack Row, Second from right - Frank Renner
1908 Map249 views
Soap Box Derby 1952504 viewsRoseville Soap Box Derby 1952 at the Viaduct on Seventh Avenue. My Soapbox was the white one on the left, I won a third place trophy and a pair of strap-on roller skates. The Trophy was donated by Newark Commissioner, Stephen J Moran. The race was sponsored by the Roseville YMCA and the photo was taken by Jack Horn, He had a studio on Roseville Avenue near the railroad switching tower. The next year I won a larger second place trophy and a portable radio (Westinghouse, I Think).
The Amusement World230 views
89 viewsMay 24, 1903
Soap Box Derby 1952543 viewsthe prize table before that race. On the far left is Bob Cole. The young boys on the right are Leon Scott and Calyue Perry, students at Roseville Avenue School. The First Prize Bicycle was donated by the Roseville Lions Club
The races were covered by both The Newark Sunday News & Star Ledger.
1911 Map317 views
Roseville Athletic Association Beautifies Clubhouse Interior98 viewsDecember 10, 1905

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Schmelz Pinochle Club has a Long String of Victories103 viewsMay 10, 1903Sep 19, 2019
Roseville Athletic Association Beautifies Clubhouse Interior98 viewsDecember 10, 1905Sep 19, 2019
A Band that was the Pride of Newark Thirty-five Years Ago93 viewsFebruary 15, 1903Sep 19, 2019
89 viewsMay 24, 1903Sep 18, 2019
The New Park Athletic Club, Which Opened Its Doors Last Week89 viewsMay 17, 1903Sep 18, 2019
Park Athletics Ready to Begin78 viewsMay 10, 1903Sep 18, 2019
1911 Map317 viewsFeb 21, 2018
The Amusement World230 viewsFeb 06, 2018